Software to manage the hotel, without the hotel managing you!

If you already have a computer and printer you are missing the most powerful part “the hotel software”. It is unlikely you will want to use ALL the software features right away, however, in time you will be glad of the many built-in tools which come with Resident Pro.

Resident Pro includes all the important tools you need to manage the hotel, without the hotel managing you. The Professional and Lite Editions of Resident Pro is all you need to run a hotel. If you don’t want to limit Resident Pro to one computer, then the software tools from the Softwareworks Studio can link Resident Pro to other computers, telephone systems, epos, and online bookings.

Whichever Edition you choose, Resident Pro software naturally flows to enable you to manipulate bookings on a powerful Reservations Chart. From here you can check guests in and out, add to guest invoices, leave special notes and memo’s on the system, and use the built-in function diary to enter non-residents, weddings and conferences. Restaurant lists, Housekeeping lists, and Maintenance jobs are available with a couple of clicks of the mouse. And letter writing and email confirmations become a breeze.

Resident Pro Typical Installation PDF  |  Explore the Studio

If you need Historical archives and financial balances then choose the Professional Edition…

Professional Edition

Professional EditionThe Professional Edition of Resident Pro is packed with features to manage all your bookings; past, present and future. This complete and accountable system of work is suitable for hoteliers who employ and entrust their staff to balance daily sales. It archives occupancy figures, revenue, and management statistics. Unleash the power of Resident Pro with the Professional Edition, and take full control of your hotel. The main advantage over the Lite Edition, is the Professional Edition’s accountability, and financial aspects, together with it’s Guest History analysis. The Guest History automatically gives you statistics (heads on beds, occupancy levels, source of business, non-resident covers, etc.) and the ability to re-print bills, long after the guest has checked out. It’s accountable because the “Staff logs” record all the activity – for example, who is making and changing bookings, and bills, and when deposits and refunds are taken. The financial aspect is at the core of the software. It takes bill production further, to allow your Reception team to balance your sales daily, and to automatically produce banking and monthly takings reports for your accountant. Cash accounting transactions can optionally be exported to Sage or Xero. Prices start from £999.00 With 1 year support. Price List PDF

Small Guest House Edition

No Daily Balance or HistorySuitable for small proprietor-run businesses that simply want to manage their present and future bookings, and printout bills for their guests, without retaining any history. The Small Guest House Edition of Resident Pro delivers all the power of the Professional Reservations Chart, without the Book Keeping. Unlike the Professional Edition, there is no archiving of occupancy charts, revenue, statistics, or daily balances. If you simply want to make bookings for your guests, and produce bills, this Lite Edition takes the further financial aspects out of the picture. With no Guest History, or daily balances, you will be relying on other, separate systems, for recording your ongoing takings, and archives. Although this Lite Edition keeps names and addresses of past guests in it’s “look up” database, there is no structured archiving of financial activity or statistical information to look back on. Prices start from £499.00 With 6 months support. Price List PDF

A studio of optional tools, are available to integrate your hotel systems. View typical installation PDF  |  Explore the Studio

Hotel Computer NetworkNetworking
The Network module allows you to use Resident Pro on more than 1 pc, for example 2 computers side-by-side in reception, back office, etc. In a Server and Workstation environment, Resident Pro on the Server can be remotely accessed by a sister hotel, or user.

Remote Access
Consult your hardware and networking specialist to discuss the most appropriate method to remotely access Resident Pro.

Standalone timekeeping software keeps track of staff hours – clocking in and out. Can be hooked up to a magnetic card swipe, or staff numbers can be simply typed into the computer, as staff come and go.

Roombasket Online BookingsRoombasket (with or without Stripe card payments)
Adds a pop-up calendar to your own website, to allow potential guests to book direct. Roombasket makes booking rooms simple, and gives the hotelier control of their own terms and availability – without the commission. Availability is synchronised with Resident Pro.

Channel Manager
Links directly to Booking.com, or cherry pick the sites you wish to link to via our Channel Manager

Uniwell Ax3000Epos
Links to certain epos (electronic point of sale] tills in the bar and restaurant, to enable staff to bill back sales direct to rooms and non-residents on Resident Pro.

Hotel Reception Cash Drawer

Cash drawer
Attaching a cash drawer to Resident Pro is easy, and it instantly turns your pc behind reception into a safe and secure depository, to avoid leaving cash around.

Integrated PinPad
Links to WorldPay Total Payment Application, creates storable Tokens.

Hotel Telephone Call LoggerCall logger
Standard RS232 Serial Cable link from most telephone systems, to capture calls, and automatically calculate a cost for the call made, and put straight onto the room bill.

PostCoder (Desktop & Web)
Integrated post code lookup software, to ensure your addresses are fast and accurate.

Live update
Will let you know if a newer version of Resident Pro is available to download. Prompts you to download and upgrade the software. Free downloads are available to supported users only.

A simple reminder tool designed to remind you to backup your data. Can save a local mirror backup or to an external drive.

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Pen-y-Dyffren Hotel
Miles Hunter, Pen-y-Dyffren Country House Hotel, Shropshire

I bought Resident Pro as the booking engine for my hotel in Shropshire, and liked it so much we bought another hotel just so we could buy it again! First rate service and a nice company to deal with. Don’t go anywhere else.  View More Testimonials…