Kindly donated reviews and recommendations from users of Resident Pro software for running a hotel of any size…

Chapters Hotel
Steven Bell, Owner of Chapters Hotel

We installed Resident Pro in the first years of taking over the hotel, moving from bookings on paper to computers. We now can take bookings online on our website and via Booking.com and these take up around 30 – 40% of our bookings each month. Martin is always on hand for any queries or issues and it helps that he can log in remotely and explain the problem. We also use all the reporting tools to see trending and customer loyalty via bookings. We would recommend this system to any size hotel looking for a computerized system for bookings, small or large!

Chale Bay Farm
Steve Clark, Chale Bay Farm, Isle Of Wight

Chale Bay Farm is an award winning 8 bedroom guest house on the Isle of Wight. We chose Resident Pro coupled with the Roombasket having evaluated numerous systems. Resident Pro is chock full of features and because of this the interface is sometimes quite “busy” but once you find your way around it, it will do almost everything you will ever need in a B&B/small hotel environment. Unlike the large hotel systems it comes in affordable modules and unlike the systems focussed purely on online bookings it has the advantage of integrating with all our back office systems including our EPOS and phone switch (so bar, restaurant and room service purchases as well as phone calls go straight onto the guests’ bills), as well as handling restaurant management and our maintenance log. We use the postcoder module to enable us to quickly take telephone bookings and to give us an additional layer of address verification for bookings received online. We use Roombasket for our online bookings and have integrated this with our main web site, as well as linking out to major online travel agencies via the “Channel Manager”, such as Booking.com, Expedia and Hotels.com with real time availability and pricing automatically propagated. We use Roombasket both embedded in our own web site and as a stand-alone popup available from Facebook and Tripadvisor. Martin is almost always available for support and is frequently adding new features and improvements as well as fixing any issues as they arise.

Pen-y-Dyffren Hotel
Miles Hunter, Pen-y-Dyffren Country House Hotel, Shropshire

I bought Resident Pro as the booking engine for my hotel in Shropshire, and liked it so much we bought another hotel just so we could buy it again! First rate service and a nice company to deal with. Don’t go anywhere else.

Victoria Hotel
Andrew Fiddler, Victoria Hotel, North Yorkshire

Resident Pro is a must for Hoteliers, it gives me everything I need to operate my business, up to date bookings, links to Booking.com, all my statistics that I need, financials, occupancy levels etc…etc… Most of all, the service from Martin is first class, he is contactable and is on hand to resolve all your problems. It has been a major part in my business growth. Thank you.

Wensleydale Heifer
David Moss, Wensleydale Heifer

The Resident Pro system is perfect for our 13 room hotel, as a very busy place it is very important that we have a system that is easy to use and also that saves us time. What is the most important benefit of the Resident Pro system is the support from Martin, this has been invaluable over the last nine years and almost every time we call Martin is on hand to help us out. Martin also listens to feedback and has been happy to adjust his program to incorporate new features that we required.  We would highly recommend the Resident Pro system to any business.

Tudor Court Hotel
Krishna Gupta, Tudor Court Hotel, London

We were on a manual system whereby everyday had to edit availability and rates on all the agencies.  Used to take a lot of our time, then we had Resident Pro and Roombasket, later Channel Manager where we could see all the bookings at one glance, automatically logged in the relevant room type with all the details.  This was immensely helpful, made the life easy and comfortable, did not need to spend much time for logging in the bookings except charging for the stay.   Thanks to Resident Pro and wish the designer (Martin) all the success in the future.

Hedley House Hotel
Greg Harrand, Hedley House Hotel, York

Resident pro has brought a new dimension to the running of Hedley House Hotel. It has provided me with the tools to take the hotel forward in the rapidly changing hospitality industry. Keeping all the information we need at our finger tips to help make running a busy hotel easier. Resident Pro does so much more than I ever expected from a reservation program. Accounting, advertisement reporting / management, stock control and much much more. I was surprised how quickly I was able to ditch my old faithful paper diaries for the new system and I have not looked back It is a pleasure to use and makes the day to day running of the hotel efficient and in lots of ways more enjoyable.

Martin has provided support and help second to none. He has solved any issues promptly and completely in a way which a computer novice would understand. Every hotel runs slightly differently and Martin has taken some of my user comments and has added functions to the program to help me with my peculiarities. Martin is constantly working on updating and improving the functionality of Resident Pro coming up with new innovative ideas to assist users. After a short time of using Resident Pro I realised I would not run my hotel without it and I would recommend it without hesitation to any small or medium sized hotel. Well done Martin. Keep up the good work.

White House Hotel
Dave Galea, White House Hotel, Whitby

Having never used an on-line booking engine before, we have been very impressed at how easy and user friendly Roombasket is, nine months in and we’re still finding new things that the Resident Pro system does, and everyone of them very useful.

Fairyhill Country House Hotel
Audrey, Fairyhill Country House Hotel, The Gower Peninsula

Resident Pro is an ideal package for our eight bedroom luxury 5 star Restaurant with Rooms. It is user friendly and the expert personal guidance from Martin makes all the difference for any trouble shooting. Updates are constantly available for individual needs. Highly recommended!

Kings Knoll Hotel
Tom Hayward, Kings Knoll Hotel, Oban

After much research we chose Resident Pro, over other providers for many reasons, it was UK based, had the same or similar functionality to more expensive offerings, and was designed for small to medium hotels and guesthouses. I have been using Resident Pro software for 3 years now, and it does everything required, the software is fairly easy to use, and understand. As well as the chart software, you can manage maintenance, check forward bookings to see where you are financially, so it also helps to manage your business.

We have recently added Roombasket to Resident Pro and are sure it will help increase bookings, Roombasket is highly automated freeing us up to do other tasks, rather than being a slave to the computer at reception, and will hopefully reduce our reliance and use of online travel agents. Martin has also been a great help when needed, so the support option is well worth having, as well as being able to help with finding a supplier of an EPOS till, when we wanted to add that to the system too.

Grindale House
Lesley Kirby, Grindale House, Pickering

I decided to use RoomBasket as my sole online reservation system in 2012. I wasn’t happy with the booking sites that we were using for two reasons. All reservations from any source required that we update these booking websites immediately, as well as our own, so as to keep room availability current and avoid overbooking.   Additionally, I wanted to avoid the commissions the booking sites charged – as a small business this really did eat away at the profit margin. Resident Pro has worked perfectly for us: there is no updating the system, as Roombasket automatically and immediately books and confirms the room reservation with both guests and in our system, and there are no commissions to pay, either.  It is also simple to adjust rates as needed, which is often a necessity if you’ve a seasonal business. Resident Pro also provides helpful performance reports and links seamlessly with our accounting software.  Martin has always been very helpful and prompt whenever we’ve had a question about the software and it has been entirely trouble-free. I’d highly recommend this software to other accommodation providers, as it is an easy, effective, and economical way to manage reservations and front of house operations.

Visit website
Andy Delahunty, Resolution Hotel, North Yorkshire

We have found great benefit from working closely with Resident Pro particularly in regards to service and offsite help. The Postcode finder, Channel Manager and EPOS link, which enables restaurant bills to be transferred to room bills, have all been effective in improving sales and the customer experience.

Reef Villa
Bernadette Barker, Reef Villa, Sri Lanka

Resident Pro is far more than just user friendly software that is perfect for a small hotel.  The channel manager takes the headache and worry out of updating all the OTAs, and the Roombasket reservation system allows guests to easily reserve and book.  We also use Resident Pro so at any time we can obtain reports or see at a glance our bookings. And of course its is all commission free.  But for us what is of immense value and irreplaceable is Martin’s support and unlimited patience.  That is invaluable.

Hotel Broughty Ferry
Simon Stewart (Belhaven Brewery), Hotel Broughty Ferry

The Hotel Broughty Ferry is a 16 Bedroom hotel situated in Broughty Ferry, just outside Dundee. A couple of years back we noticed that we were losing out on a sizable amount of room bookings due to the hotels inability to do online bookings. After extensive research we chose Resident Pro with the addition of Roombasket. It was vital to us that we not only had an interface that was easy to use but the backup service to go with this. Resident Pro covers both. We have never looked back and now run on an average 93.7% occupancy. Don’t look anywhere else, Resident Pro is all you need.

The Clifton Hotel
Dave Beeson, The Clifton Hotel, Shanklin

The whole system of Resident Pro Hotel Software, EPOS, Roombasket, and Channel Manager works seamlessly together. However the best part of Resident Pro is the Back-up and problem solving from Martin himself – outstanding service.

Georgian House York
Graham Smith, Owner of Georgian House York

We will be renewing Resident Pro again this year. It’s really good to see the system developing over the years and the little tweaks you have given it this year haven’t gone un-noticed!

Broom House
Georgina Curnow, Broom House, Egton Bridge

Resident Pro is a great system that enables me to manage our business effectively and efficiently – I couldn’t imagine working without it now.

West Loch Hotel
Rosaline Ryan & Andrew Ryan, Owners, West Loch Hotel

Our work with Martin Smith aimed to increase our ability as a hotel to capture online bookings and keep ourselves up to the mark with rates and dates.  Martin’s Resident Pro software does that and more. For example, Martin was able to implement an EPOS link from Resident Pro to our till which enabled us to track our food & beverage sales with pinpoint accuracy.  Resident Pro has proved time and again to be efficient and effective, helping us run our business with more financial accuracy (great reporting available!) and keep our reservations on track – vital because room bookings now reach us in so many ways, including through our own on-line facility, other booking engines, peer-to-peer social media sites, telephone, email and fax. What we appreciate most about Martin’s service is its swift, effective support whenever issues arise.

New Inn Heckfield
June & Tim Winter, The New Inn, Heckfield, Hamps.

Having had a manual system – it was quite daunting to change – but knew we had to. New tills went in and we took Resident Pro on board. What a change – fantastic. Once we all found our way around this great system, we all now wonder how did we cope without it!! We have 16 bedrooms and we later took on Roombasket, then Channel Manager which was a huge assett to the business. However there was one extremely patient person that made this possible, Martin he is amazing, he provides support that is invaluable (nowadays very hard to come by once a purchase has been made!!). Nothing too much trouble – Martin is extremely keen on updates and suggesting options soley for your business. We would highly recommend Resident Pro and Martin’s support is invaluable. Thank you Martin.

Cliffemount Hotel
Ian Rae Proprietor, The Cliffemount Hotel

We have always found Martin helpful and knowledgeable during installation or with any problem we have had since purchasing Resident Pro in 2005, we have no hesitation in recommending this product to any hospitality business large or small.