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Charge sales from your tills directly to your guest bills

A good investment in a decent till is probably one of the wisest decisions any business person can make, especially when entrusting others in your workplace to collect cash on your behalf. Resident Pro links to certain epos solutions so that you can billback charges from your restaurant and bar. It is important to note that Resident Pro does not link to every cash register and epos solution out there in today’s market. Epos links have been carefully selected, tried, and tested. Such compatible epos solutions can be purchased from dealers all around the uk.

Hotel Reception Cash Drawer
Reception Cash Drawer

Before we look at EPOS solutions for the bar and restaurant, let’s start by attaching a Posiflex Cash Drawer to the USB drive of your computer behind reception, to avoid cash being left around the desk.

Each time a financial transaction occurs on Resident Pro, the cash drawer opens, ready to put away the money, or the merchant copy of the credit card receipt.  A hidden slot compartment is useful for non-cash items such as stamps that you may wish to deposit without opening the drawer

Posiflex PDF dimensions

The recommended CR4005 cash drawer can be fitted to the underside of your counter, or alternatively a contemporary flip-top model CR2205 offers a space saving design.

Posiflex is a quality cash drawer, which is durable and highly reliable and can be supplied direct with your Resident Pro order.

Note: Price includes USB model CR-4005, delivery and software module. Optional undercounter fixing bracket available.

ICRTouch Epos

Technically ICRTouch runs in all Windows Operating Systems. ICRTouch allows real time room verification before the check is sent to the room bill, or non-residents. On confirmation of the guest room, the transaction is sent to the Resident Pro room, or function diary bill.

ICRTouch has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Helpful prompts guide operators through each sale, with messages displayed throughout to keep the operator informed as to what is going on. Reports are similar to conventional cash registers and with it’s built in back office, X and Z reading functions, an end of day report can easily be taken at the touch of a button. Programming and file maintenance also follows a similar structure to a cash register.

Designed primarily with bars and restaurants in mind, features like the graphical table plan option showing the status of the tables – e.g. green is free and blue has had a bill issued. The number of covers also is shown on the table. Split checks and bills are taken care of by simply highlighting the items to be separated and touching the arrow keys. An advanced price level scheduler allows very powerful promotions and happy hour features.

ICRTouch connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

View typical installation PDF

Maitre'D Epos

MaitreD EposMaitre’D offers one of the most feature-rich and customizable restaurant POS solutions on the market. Maitre’D POS streamlines your service, controls your kitchen, manages your money, and a whole lot more. Turn on only the features that you need and want, and get a system that is fully tailored to your operations. Moreover, Maitre’D will work on virtually ANY hardware. All of this ensures higher profits, and a quicker return on investment.

Maitre’D can be configured for a real-time link, then a transaction can be finalised to a room number. When the room number is entered, the guest name(s) are displayed for verification, and the transaction is sent to the Resident Pro room, to the correct sales category. Furthermore, the Maitre’D end of day totals can be imported into Resident Pro.

Maitre’D connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

Gpos Fidelity Epos

GPoS Fidelity EposBeing PC based, GPoS is capable of delivering “Legacy” ECR speed along with the advanced flexibility of a PC based product. GPoS will run on most leading manufacturers touch screen terminals including machines by Aures, IBM, J2, Panasonic, Partner Tech, Protech, Sharp, Toshiba & XN. GPoS features a graphical user interface that can be easily customised. This graphical system reduces the training time for operators, as each screen is fully user configurable.

The GPoS can be configured for a real-time link, then a transaction can be finalised to a room number. When the room number is entered, a list of rooms is displayed for verification, and the transaction is sent to the Resident Pro room, to the correct sales category.

GPoS connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

Uniwell Epos

Uniwell AX-3000, HMS & DX/TX ranges of epos allows real time room verification before the check is sent to the room bill. A perfect solution if you need a “live” link from your bar terminal, to send simple check balances to Resident Pro rooms.

Uniwell Ax3000If the Uniwell system is configured for a real time link, then a transaction can be finalised to a room number. When the room number is entered, either by number or by swiping a room card, the guest name is displayed for verification.

On confirmation of the guest room, the transaction is sent to the Resident Pro room, and a receipt with a signature line printed. The Resident Pro invoice is updated with the major group totals and check details.

Works with most models such as the Ax-3000 (TCP/IP), Dx890, Dx895 and Dx915. The Uniwell range also offers a low-cost epos solution in the SX700 model.

Uniwell old models connects to the computer using an Rs232 Serial cable, or in the case of the new Ax-3000 and 06 ROM range (v1.12 onwards) via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

Samtouch EPOS

Samtouch is the latest innovation in Point Of Sale software which encompasses features required by all sectors of the Hospitality Industry.  Developed on the latest Microsoft .Net technologies, Samtouch is a leading edge Point Of Sale platform which is an “Easy To Use”, reliable & cost effective solution providing you with the management tools & information to allow you to operate & expand your business on your terms.

Samtouch EPOS Titan And TabletSamtouch utilises the latest SAM4S Point of Sale hardware to display eye catching & easy to operate touchscreen graphics at lightning speed.  Simple to use with minimal training required, new or existing staff will take to Samtouch quickly & confidently, saving you time & maximising sales growth.  Create added sales opportunities by prompting the operator to advise the customers about “add on” or alternative products again maximising every sales opportunity.  In the hospitality sector, efficiency of your waiters & waitresses is of key importance, this is why Samtouch has been developed  to work on Windows Tablets so orders can  easily be taken at the table and automatically printed at the bar & kitchen.  With the transparent interface to Resident Pro, this powerful combination provides a total POS solution for any hotelier.  For further information on Samtouch, please contact us at sales@ycr.co.uk or alternatively call 01924 438238.

Samtouch connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

MemSec Epos

MemSec EPoS, unlike many other EPoS systems available, was designed as a touch-screen windows based system from the outset, not as an expensive cash register. What’s on the screen at any given moment is what’s relevant to the user, is consistent in appearance and is logical to use. Little or no training is required to use the till, invaluable in the MemSec Eposhospitality industry where staff turnover is high and computer literacy is not a requirement. Transferring bills to Resident Pro follows exactly the same process as all other payment methods, meaning there’s no additional complication for staff, and options are available to allow you to be as strict or as flexible as you need when it comes to verifying the customer’s identity. The bill is broken down simply by stock type, meaning your customers won’t face any awkward questions when it comes to claiming their expenses!

Every conceivable option to help run your bar or restaurant is available in a single package; hand held waiter pads for order taking, kitchen screens to speed up service and reduce running costs, table bookings (including online) with an interactive table plan, mobile apps to help your customer find you and find out about what’s happening at your hotel, promotions and revisit offers to help encourage customers to return and comprehensive stock taking reports to help you keep on top of your bottom line, to name but a few. We write the software ourselves here in the UK, and it’s constantly being improved, usually at the request of our customers and usually without additional cost to them.  That’s why we say it’s PoSsibly the best Hospitality EPoS system in the world!

MemSec connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.


Vectron not only manufactures POS system hardware, it also develops the point of sale software itself. And that means the whole pos solution comes from a single supplier, ensuring the optimum interplay of hardware and software.

All Vectron POS systems are delivered with the flexible and versatile Vectron POS software, which offers many tried-and-tested special functions and can be individually adapted and expanded. In order to also enable the use of this technologically advanced software on PC-based systems, Vectron has developed POS PC.

In addition, Vectron also offers the Commander communications software. Using the versatile Commander software, the Vectron POS systems can be interconnected. Furthermore, the Commander software also permits the connection of numerous back office programs from other manufacturers and offers a large number of options for data evaluation and forwarding.

Vectron connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

ces software


CES ServePOS brings many business benefits; speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. An increase in profits can be realised almost immediately.CESserve

The ease and speed of use of CES ServePOS allows staff to focus on customers, taking orders, up-selling and efficiently dealing with requests such as reserving tables or splitting bills. The fast touch screen operation and easy to navigate screens minimise errors and reduce training, whilst the intelligent operator screen prompts friendly up-sell opportunities.

ServePOS features include; simple product and price maintenance, split tendering and multi-currency, flexible pricing, promotions and discounts, fast item search and multi-location floor plans.

Delivering products direct to your customer’s door can unlock a whole new revenue stream, breathing new life into any business. Suitable for all types of operations, home delivery can bring in new found profits on those quieter days of the week. However when it’s busy you’ll appreciate the control, speed, order and efficiency this clever module will bring.

CES software connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

Other TCP/IP epos links:-

PCS Technology

ECTouch EPOS system, with a rich set of customisable functions and yet very easy to use and learn is designed to manage your hospitality business easily and effectively.

Simple says it best. It is an intuitively designed and developed to minimise time wastage and maximise efficiency and effectiveness of your front line sales staff in creating more profitable opportunities at the point-of-sale.

ECTouch EPOS system for hospitality was made with the operational nuances of a business hospitality business in mind. With years of experience in ironing out such point of sale bottle necks, we have devised many a tailored solution for individual customers which then we integrate into our core product, or if warranted as a separate module.

One such function was ‘split billing’ which is a peculiarity of group booking guests especially in restaurants. Where this occasion arises, your time pressured waiting staff often are left juggling mental arithmetic whilst keeping one eye open on other tables. This can lead to error, multiple customer dissatisfaction, time wastage amongst other point of sale complications.

This where ECTouch EPOS system for hospitality provides you advantage with ‘split billing’ functionality – with this inbuilt application, waiting staff can simply attribute each menu item according to the requested apportioning rules of your guests and ECTouch simply gives each paying guest with their own unique bill within seconds.

ECTouch software connects to the computer via Ethernet cat5 cable over TCP/IP.

Kamarin kcpos epos
Kamarin KCPOS



Much of the above wording was kindly supplied by the epos providers as an introduction to these products – please consult your local epos dealer for a demonstration.

The Uniwell, ICRtouch, GPoS, Maitre’D, SamTouch, Vectron, MemSec, CES, PCS, ECTouch, KCPOS and iTouch solutions are all standalone systems in their own right. They all simply enable sales to be billed back to Resident Pro, and can be purchased from your local Dealer, with optional stock control software, and remote Hand Held ordering pads.

These systems send the “Amount”, “Receipt Number”, “Date and time”, and “Room Number” to Resident Pro. ICRTouch, GPoS, Vectron & SamTouch also send the “Itemised products” and “Quantity”, whilst the Uniwell, Maitre’D, CES, PCS, ECTouch, KCPOS & MemSec sends the “Guestname data”, and iTouch the table number (as follows)…

ICRTouch & SamTouch billback example:-

Check 1001017 14/05/2014 20:22 1xPINT BITTER £2.15

Maitre’D, CES, PCS, ECTouch, KCPOS & MemSec billback example:-

Check 0028 19/02/2014 10:48 Epos31 Blackwell £10.50

Uniwell billback example:-

Check 0132 06/08/2014 15:16 Epos01 Poole £7.59

iTouch billback example:-

Check 276 25/04/2009 21:01 T1 Epos1 £5.25

GPoS & Vectron billback example:-

Check 15659 18/07/2012 14:22 1 x COKE £2.10

ICRTouch, Epos Solution for Hospitality

Over the years we have linked with several different hotel management and backoffice solutions, and we believe that Resident Pro is not only a great set solution that links with our TouchPoint EPoS software but also one that is recommended by several of our resellers as one of the better companies to work with going back over 10 years.  View More Testimonials…