Channel Manager

Resident Pro can update all your booking agencies fast using the Channel Manager.

Save time and increase your exposure to more channels than you could practically manage effectively on your own. Increase sales and stay ahead of your competition. You can cherry pick which Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) sites you wish to use, from a growing list of 500+ sites, and focus on your favourites, such as and Expedia for your hotel rooms, or perhaps AirBNB for your Cottages and Apartments.

2-way XML sites will deliver bookings straight into the Resident Pro Reservations Chart, whilst all sites will be automatically updated with your real availability as it changes.

Using our Channel Manager we can automate all sorts of specialist sites – for example, Mr & Mrs Smith (for Luxury Hotels), and RyanAir Rooms!

We can also setup your own Roombasket Online Booking Engine for your hotel website, to help drive “commission free” bookings directly from your own website.

Optionally, without using the RoomCloud Channel Manager we can also link directly from Resident Pro to without any ongoing charges. is the European market leader in online hotel reservations, and one of the world’s leading digital travel companies.

Using the Channel Manager, we can also automate your direct metasearch sites such as Google Hotel Price Ads*, Tripadvisor Tripconnect*, Skyscanner, and Trivago*.

*Most metasearch sites work on a PPC (pay per click) model and this can avoid commission charges if otherwise booked via OTA’s.

Resident Pro can eliminate the “time consuming” need to manually login and update all your online sites with your “ever changing” availability, and thus maximises your sales potential online – selling available rooms at the prices, and restrictions, that you set. New bookings, modifications and cancellations appear automatically on your Reservations Chart in a distinct colour.

Chale Bay Farm
Steve Clark, Chale Bay Farm, Isle Of Wight

We use Roombasket for our online bookings and have integrated this with our main web site, as well as linking out to major online travel agencies via the “Channel Manager”, such as, Expedia and with real time availability and pricing automatically propagated. We use Roombasket both embedded in our own web site and as a stand-alone popup available from Facebook and Tripadvisor.  View More Testimonials…