Resident Pro Hotel Software

Empower your team with Resident Pro Hotel Software and help them to help you

As duty manager of the hotel, Resident Pro gives me all the software tools I need to run the hotel. The Reservation Chart is colour coded so I can see at a glance which hotel bookings are confirmed, checked-in or overdue. It’s useful to be able to see all the room names and descriptions too with just a single click of the mouse. I can make bookings for guests who have stayed before by simply typing in the Post Code or by searching the Guest Database. Automatical Email & Letter confirmations are a really quick way of communication, and can produce detailed Group Rooming Lists. Here comes another Email to let me know someone has just made an Online Booking, and there it is highlighted on The Reservation Chart. The manager has changed the colours on the Reservation Chart over certain dates, to indicate when the hotel has special rates, and special local events, and you can see at a glance that a maintenance job is “to do” in one of the rooms.  The built-in town speller is also good for my new trainee.  I think I will type in a “Memo” into the chart for my colleague who is back from holiday tomorrow.

The Housekeeper
The House Keeper

I know who is arriving, staying and checking out of the hotel, and how many towels to put in the rooms. My laundry bill has reduced. I no longer put 4 towels in a family room when it is let to a single person.  The Daily Bed Report indicates what time people are arriving, how many nights they are staying, what time they require their early morning call, and any special requests – such as flowers or champagne to be put in the room for their arrival. It even tells me which Departures need converting from a zip and link Queen bed into a zip and link Twin.

The bar tender

When a new guest asks me to put their drinks on their bill, I know know who they are as their name in on my copy of the Rooming List. The list shows the name of all the hotel residents together with the non-resident functions. We use an EPOS till (Electronic Point Of Sale) which is great because it’s linked to the Resident Pro Hotel Software on the reception computer. When I billback a sale from the till, the guest name appears on the till screen. I can enter bar food, and drinks orders and keep track of tables and waiting times, all with the assurance that any billbacks will go straight onto the guests bill, be it a resident or a function bill.

The Hotel Proprietor
The Restaurant

I take food orders for our hotel restaurant, and I use the Restaurant List which shows me all the pre-booked times of Residents and non-residents. It’s great because I can use the list to plan my tables, food checks, times, and wine. The kitchen have a copy too, so we can work as a team. Let me see, according to tonight’s list, one of the guests requires a highchair. Recently, the hotel bought an EPOS unit, so I now place my food orders straight onto the till, and sometimes transfer the sale to the Resident Pro Hotel Software computer on the front desk, and it prints to the kitchen. Now all our bills are updated the instant an order is placed!

The Hotel Chef
The Chef

It’s great to receive daily restaurant lists and forecasts for residents and functions. Now I can prep for the right number of people because the catering forecast gives me resident and non-resident function numbers. Half of tonight’s residents are on a dinner, bed and breakfast package and one of the rooms has requested a birthday cake at 8pm.  The forecast also shows me all the forthcoming wedding numbers, sitdown times, functions and conferences.  It’s good to be able to see how much money we are taking on food, and how popular all the dishes are – this helps me with my GPs.

The Guest
The Guest

I visit the hotel a couple of times a year on business, and the hotel always remembers me when I contact them. This is great because I know I don’t have to repeat all my details each time I phone, or remind them that I am a vegetarian and have an allergy to feather pillows. More recently, I always book online using the hotels website because it is quick and simple to book direct using my laptop or mobile, and avoids third party travel agencies! During my stay, all the staff know my requirements, and I always receive a clear vat bill that I can actually understand, and can present to my accounts department.  I can even checkout early using my mobile phone without having to queue at reception!

The Hotel Manager
The Hotel Manager

Now I can see exactly how the hotel is performing. Accommodation takings, breakfast sales, lunch, dinner, bar take, telephone calls, newspapers… the lot. I know exactly how effective my advertising is, so I can plan my marketing budget with confidence. When setting hotel tariffs it is so useful to compare occupancy figures, heads on beds, and revenue spend from one month to the next. I can study how this July compared to last July and where the business comes from. When I do the banking, all of the cheques are listed for me. I also like the fact that wine is automatically marked off stock when added to a guest bill, and that I can export the daily figures to the Sage accounting software that our accountant uses. After only a year I was able to mail a newsletter to past guests of the hotel. The database allows me to target my marketing, and print letters direct from Resident Pro. I can also mailmerge labels to Microsoft Word, and export emails to MailChimp. I can now keep on top of overdue accounts, and highlight designated rooms that are booked by travel agencies and internet booking agencies. We have saved money by contacting and removing bookings that are unconfirmed, just blocking business.

The Accountant
The Proprietor

The hotel staff are now running as a team, thanks to the Resident Pro software system behind reception. The software communicates essential information between departments, and helps my staff to look after my guests with an enhanced “personal touch”. I particularly like the fact that drinks, food orders and phone calls go straight onto bills, and that money taken in reception goes straight into a CashDrawer under the counter. My manager can also look back at “staff activity logs” to find out who has been making bookings, and changing them. Professional and accountable!

Onsite Hotel Training
The Accountant

All the sales and vat are clearly listed, and I can see that the money balances on a daily basis with the Z reports on the Credit Card machine. All transactions are dated with the initials of the user. I can see how much money is owed to the hotel by debtors on account, and how much money is held over in cancellations, and the value of all the forward deposits taken. Each month, I can import the cash accounting figures from Resident Pro into Sage or Xero, and this lists the transaction totals by each “end of day Z”.  I can also login to the cloud to view these Z totals.