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Hello, my name is Martin Smith, I’m the developer of Resident Pro Hotel Software – My ethos behind Resident Pro is to treat customers as “guests” and not “numbers”. If you are looking for a complete system which is highly customisable to your individual hotel to improve your workflows and save duplication, then let me help you put the right system in place and setup Resident Pro for you.  Contact me

Resident Pro is THE complete hotel software system for hoteliers to book rooms, functions, record vat sales, deposits, print invoices on checkout, and manage the hotel, in a nutshell. Independently designed for small to medium size hotels, Resident Pro is professional, well established, software for hotels – highly customisable to your business. 

Resident Pro is “feature-rich”, which means that whilst other software may ultimately fall short of the grounded features that you need to run your business in the real world, Resident Pro will work naturally for you, and grow with your requirements…

Use Resident Pro to manage your bookings and easily balance your sales and deposits each day.  With a Studio of optional tools you can link to epos in your restaurant and bar, online bookings, and channel management too.  Guests can pre-checkin online, and even self-checkout from their bedroom on their mobile phone.  And so much more…

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Windows Desktop Software for Hotels – Made in UK

Resident Pro is Windows software, installed on your standalone pc, or network of pc’s within the hotel.  Your hotel software and data is safely stored on your computer and belongs to you, so you don’t have to rely on 3rd party storage and connectivity elsewhere on the cloud – this means Resident Pro will always reliably work within your hotel even when your internet service is interrupted.  If you are away from your pc, you can also independently use an online reservations chart on the cloud from any device, and update your rates on your website.   Contact me

Making tax digital

Integral to the Professional Edition of Resident Pro is the balancing of your takings.  Resident Pro already handles all your VAT invoices, debtors, deposits, daily balances and archives your transactions…

Optionally, Resident Pro can further help with the ‘Making Tax Digital’ process by exporting your VAT sales figures into MTD compatible accounting software such as Sage50 CSV, or Xero CSV formats, which saves you the bother of transposing your figures manually.

You can also simply copy your takings from Resident Pro to a spreadsheet if you use MTD bridging software.

Your accounts package or bridging software can then send the information onto HMRC digitally.

Live Presentation

Hotel SurveyIf you need software to help run the hotel, let’s arrange a presentation of Resident Pro Hotel Management System, live to your pc screen.  This interactive presentation will allow you to see how the hotel software works while we talk over the phone.  Take the two minute survey to help us determine your hotel software requirements, or simply get in touch

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